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  • Oliver mag - Oliver mag nicht

    Hunde sind kontaktfreudige und neugierige Wesen mit eigenen Persönlichkeiten und Vorlieben. Sie haben Emotionen und verfügen über unterschiedliche Intelligenztypen. Obwohl die Entwicklung des Menschen und die des Hundes seit Jahrtausenden miteinander verknüpft sind und immer mehr Familien einen Hund adoptieren oder kaufen, sind die Kenntnisse der meisten Personen über diese Tiere noch immer begrenzt, oft beeinflusst vom Hörensagen oder von dem, was man im Fernsehen gesehen oder in den Zeitungen gelesen hat...

    Dieses Buch wurde geschrieben, um die Kleinen in die Hundewelt einzuführen, wenn Sie etwa daran denken, einen Welpen zu adoptieren oder wenn Sie möchten, dass Ihr Kind anders mit Hunden umgeht, egal ob sie zur Familie gehören oder nicht. Ich hoffe, dass es Ihnen gefällt und wünsche gute Lektüre!

    Sara Francesca Peila

  • Oliver vindt het fijn -...

    Dogs are sociable and curious creatures with their own personality and preferences, they feel emotions and are endowed with different kinds of intelligence. They have their own language and “label”. Although human and canine evolution have been intertwined for thousands of years and there are an increasing number of families that decide to adopt or buy a dog, the knowledge that most people have of these animals is still limited and often influenced by “heresay” and what they see on TV or read in magazines...

    This book was written to introduce young children to the knowledge of the canine world. If you’re thinking for example about adopting a puppy or if you want your child to have a better relationship with these animals, whether they are part of the family or not. I hope you will enjoy reading this book and that you like it!

    Sara Francesca Peila

  • Problemi alla Schiena e...

    Lo studio di Anders Hallgren evidenzia come i cani soffrano per problemi al dorso almeno quanto gli uomini.
    Nel 63% di 400 cani apparentemente sani - afferma Hallgren - i nostri chiropratici hanno rilevato qualche forma di dorsopatia accompagnata di frequente a problemi comportamentali. Ancor più sconcertante è stato il riscontro di danni localizzati alla colonna cervicale nel 91% dei cani strattonati o soliti tirare quando portati al guinzaglio!

    I risultati sono stati immediatamente diffusi ovunque nel mondo.
    Alla luce delle rivelazioni di questo studio molti educatori cinofili hanno virato su metodi educativi e programmi di addestramento che non prevedessero più lo strattonamento, e molti si sono convertiti alla pettorina abbandonando definitivamente il collare, in particolare il deleterio collare a strozzo.

  • Puppies

    A puppy is a treasure, we must handle it with care and take it into our family giving it love and attention while growing up; it must become a part of our family.

    While growing, with patience, we can help him to become a healthy adult, sociable and self-confident. To accompany a puppy through his growth stages is a fascinating and unique experience, although not always easy.

    In this video, Turid guides us through the mental and physical development of the puppy: from the puppy’s birth to adolescence, giving useful advice on how to introduce the puppy into his new home and some suggestions of what to do (and not to do) with your puppy.

    “Fear periods, the teaching of inhibition, learning to respect other’s properties…If you know about these periods, these development periods, you can avoid a lot of problems and you have a better chance of getting a well-balanced, harmonic dog."

  • The wee signs of dogs

    The charming and characteristic presentation skills of Turid Rugaas have been enriched with images on file from filming done worldwide by our team.

    Turid Rugaas reads dogs, providing the key to interpret their language and she encourages us to adapt to theirs to avoid problems and get on better together.

    “When you watch wolves on a bison hunt you see the small signals that they are giving each other. They are so small that you would not think it was possible to catch them, but they do... and they know exactly what to do. One of the biggest mistakes we people make is to use these “huge neon letters” when we are talking to dogs... we have to learn to get down to the “talking level of dogs” and talk to them in such a way that they can understand us without getting stressed because we overdo things so much.”

  • Three DVD KIT by turid rugaas

    The kit contains three DVDs of the author Turid Rugaas.

    The titles included in the kit are:

    • The Wee Signs of Dogs
    • What do I do...When my dog pulls?
    • Puppies
  • Turid, la fatina dei cani...

    Turid Rugaas in forma di fatina fa visita a un gruppo di bambini che adorano i cani e sono in vacanza con i familiari al mare in Spagna. La fata vola in giro con due di loro a osservare il comportamento dei cani e spiega il linguaggio e i segnali calmanti. I due poi racconteranno tutto in dettaglio agli altri del gruppo e ai famigliari. Sembra finita, ma la fatina deve ancora intervenire in un canile e chiede ai due bambini di aiutarla.

    Giochi e attività sul racconto completano il libro.

  • Two DVD KIT: Nosework I and II

    The kit contains the first two DVDs dedicated to Nosework.

    The titles included in the kit are:

    • Search Games (DVD oscar winner 2013)
    • Scent Discrimination
  • Uno più Uno uguale Infinito...

    In questo libro vi sono testi e immagini. I testi non descrivono le immagini e le immagini non illustrano i testi ma sia gli uni che le altre raccontano sfaccettature della stessa storia, dell’avventura che lega intimamente due specie animali così diverse e al tempo stesso così insieme. Una storia più unica che rara, che rappresenta un valore inestimabile e di cui forse oggi ci stiamo dimenticando.

  • What do I do... When my dog...

    It’s a teaching documentary to ensure that the man-dog team can enjoy a pleasant walk with harness and leash.

    All the footage has been filmed live during Turid Rugaas’s seminars, courses and camps all over the world. This video unites theory and practice to explore what leash work means to Turid and how to learn and practice the techniques and gain an understanding of the philosophy behind them.

    The outcome is an original message based on knowledge and co-existence with dogs who are a source of companionship ever more present in modern society.