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Dogs are sociable and curious creatures with their own personality and preferences, they feel emotions and are endowed with different kinds of intelligence. They have their own language and “label”. Although human and canine evolution have been intertwined for thousands of years and there are an increasing number of families that decide to adopt or buy a dog, the knowledge that most people have of these animals is still limited and often influenced by “heresay” and what they see on TV or read in magazines...

This book was written to introduce young children to the knowledge of the canine world. If you’re thinking for example about adopting a puppy or if you want your child to have a better relationship with these animals, whether they are part of the family or not. I hope you will enjoy reading this book and that you like it!

Sara Francesca Peila

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Sara Francesca Peila
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I Edizion 2016
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  • Sara Francesca Peila: 

    born in 1978 in Piedmont, works as a neuro-psychomotor therapist and lives with her husband Cristiano and Oliver. She has loved reading, writing and illustrating stories since she was young. She started using drawings to explain to the children she worked with how to relate to dogs, illustrating what behaviour to use and what to avoid. This is her first book.

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